Doing undoing the tide

How is history affected by the environmental concerns of our era? It’s this question that the artist Gaëtan Robillard has addressed, with a watery animation projected onto the tower of a building resembling a lighthouse. While setting out to search for motifs rooted in the maritime past of the town, he became interested in the Lynn Museum’s collection. Objects discovered amongst the antiques of the historic collection act as the basis for a video where history and the fantastical mingle. Inspired movements of the sea, the latter is in fact composed of a series of sequences, where these finds disappear one after the other, submerged by a surging of the waves… Through this simple dramatic tension, this montage questions the relationship between local culture and the natural environment. A search which coincides with current events, at a time when organisations are taking action to combat the effects of rising waters along the British coastline…

Artist Details
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