Round of clocks

At a time when Kings Lynn was the second largest port in England, Outer Purfleet was one of its main locks, where boats unloaded their abundant cargos. Today, the hustle and bustle has somewhat disappeared, and all that can be heard is the wind blowing, while passersby wander along the quaysides. Designed by the visual artists Dimitri Boutleux and Camille Morand from the Starter collective, the installation Rock around the fleet evokes the frenzy of earlier days, which it symbolises here by seagulls, which used to roam in great numbers above the merchant ships. Cut out of metal sheets, the silhouettes of the birds stand out against the sky. Today, you can almost believe you are hearing their mewing again, as these birds designed by the French duo are moving: the metal motifs are in fact placed on five floating buoys, normally used for yachting. With a stainless steel post of around one hundred kilos hidden underneath their floats, these anchorage points shift with the aquatic and aerial currents, in the manner of nautical tumble dolls. So the birds, whose shape is inspired by origami, seem to flap their wings in the inner harbour, as in the days when trade was in full swing…

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