Entitled Ecosystem, the video projected onto the facade of a bank situated in Tuesday Market Place, the central square in Kings Lynn, presents an 8 minute loop which transforms the building into a natural resources factory and incorporates it into a cycle of destruction/construction. The beautiful facade of the bank begins by collapsing and reveals the empty interior of the place with a pile of rubble on the ground. The piled up ruins then begin to germinate and plants start growing there. When growing has finished and the room is full, a giant press violently transforms these natural resources into an enormous ingot which causes the bank to be reconstructed, brick by brick, beginning with the interior and finishing with the facade. The video questions the way in which natural resources are used in a perpetual construction process. This movement is challenged by the images: can we continue like this indefinitely? With these two antagonisms, the ruin (of a building but also of a shaky economy) and frenzied construction, the artists place ecological and economic questions at the heart of their approach.

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