Rose des Vents

Originally in the southern end of Tuesday Market Place, three bright red, modern and smart benches brighten up the square. Developed by Les Ateliers de Germaine, this colourful furniture is however fully connected with the maritime history of Kings Lynn. The town of King’s Lynn is situated by the sea, near to the Great Ouse River. From the Middle Ages onwards it rapidly became prosperous thanks to its favourable geographic situation, expanding through commercial trade. As a reminder of this intense port activity, the project by Ateliers de Germaine takes up the motive of the compass rose, a navigation instrument used since ancient times to help sailors find their bearings.

Simplified, dismembered and redistributed, the rose is here transformed into planters and seats: three of them are positioned on the paving stones of Tuesday Market Place, and with their bright colour bring the development to life while establishing a new urban continuity. By providing a link between the High Street and the terraces of the Prezzo and Gourmet Plaza restaurants, this new urban furniture invites the passersby to enter the shopping street, injecting a new dynamic with the stream of pedestrians. 

Artist Details
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