Kliff Garden

This garden, installed in the main street of Kings Lynn, makes good use of what already exists - four brick planters, items of urban furniture and an advertising column - which it transforms into a calm and verdant space. With this development, the landscape designer Estelle Ollivier wanted to change this part of the town centre into a place more suitable for its users, and particularly for visitors to the neighbouring café. So it was a natural landscape which was transported here, in order to bring a peaceful and rural ambience to this pedestrianized thoroughfare, that of a cliff on the edge of the Channel. Scattered with rocks found on a nearby beach - rubble fallen from an amazing two-colour promontory, Hunstanton Cliff, on the Norfolk coast - violet blue perennials bloom in rough metal planters, which will gradually become covered in rust. Inside this oasis of verdure, the landscape designer has created a contemporary vision of urban furniture, with the aid of seats made from wooden battens, which, while the passers-by take a break, allows them to enjoy 36 square metres of flowers in bloom…

Artist Details
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