Social Inclusion Project 2014 Garden

Under the direction of the artist Lyndall Phelps, and with the help of the designer Tamara Bridge, seven jobseekers created this small garden in an uncultivated backyard, behind King’s Lynn Art Centre. Surrounded by brick walls, this enclosed garden is divided into several parts, from a kitchen corner to a bench under an arbour, with particular attention always paid to biodiversity and recycling: recovered from the river, a driftwood bench awaits the visitor, while containers of all sorts make improvised planters. Under an arbour, insect hotels are home to winged creatures, and further off, perennial flower beds in bright colours attract pollen gatherers. Cosmos and sunflowers, thyme and rosemary, in total there are around one hundred plants which bloom in the space, from annuals to aromatics, for a development which has enabled each participant to learn new skills, from 3D modelling to public speaking. The art of blooming in the open air. 

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