Archilense is a series of three optical installations created by the designer Thibault Zambeaux. Equal in size, each one of them opens a window onto the Kings Lynn landscape, making use of the properties of Fresnel lenses in order to better transform the view on the approach of the passer-by. These optical instruments, inlaid into panels, are often used in lighthouses and are a part of the marine world. Here, they turn the landscape into a greatly distorted prism. The intriguing images thus generated metamorphose in response to the movement of the people looking through them, overturning their reference points and perception of the location. And so, all around Outer Purfleet, the skyline and the lines of the riverbanks vie with each other in their curves created by the device, creating new panoramas both real and imaginary. Adopting this principle, the two other installations, placed in each of the market squares in the town, act like a kaleidoscope within the urban setting. 

Artist Details
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