Night Sailors

Thanks to the light designer Julia Dantonnet, the Custom House in King’s Lynn, which in earlier times the historian and art critic Sir Nikolaus Pevsner considered to be the most beautiful building in Great Britain, becomes a screen: the artist has in fact used this building, which is emblematic of the town's past as a port, as a projection surface. When night falls, a twelve minute light show tells the history of the city. The projected images which have been sourced from archives, combined with fragments of geographic and stellar maps, retrace King’s Lynn’s role as a cradle of navigation on the high seas. The immaculate whiteness of the construction and the water of the inner port intensify the poetry of the effects conceived by the designer: a beginning where the building seems to take on water, mingling with Outer Purfleet, is then followed by often mischievous references to the activities of the former port, before a very simple final consisting of white spots focused on the gargoyles sculpted on the façade.

Artist Details
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