Establishing a link between reality and fiction, that is the aim of the visual artist François Thibaut-Pencenat, who with his installation entitled Vanishing, uses the waters of Inner Purfleet to create four whirlpools. From the bridge, the eye of the passer-by is irresistibly drawn towards these circles which seem to appear randomly in the waters of the canal. Are the waterways emptying, or are they hiding some marine monster? This fleeting whitening of foam is in any case evocative of Kings Lynn’s maritime past, which in the Middle Ages was a rich trading town: on their return from voyages, captains of long-haul vessels doubtless inadvertently allowed many treasures to disappear in the canals. One thing is certain, these aquatic vortexes, although they reveal nothing of the waters secrets, will not leave walkers indifferent, inviting them to linger indefinitely on the footbridge. 

Artist Details
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