Crates on Waves

A perfumed island... in a sea of pedestrians? Next to a cinema, in a very busy pedestrianized road, the urban garden, Crates On Waves offers a wide choice of seats behind a chip bar. Its long deck in oak and pinewood battens is reminiscent of ship’s landing stage, and the era when port activity was in full swing in King’s Lynn. The sea here is made of plants: inserted into the decking, the undulations of a floral meadow give the street the appearance of a sea swell, while the fleshy grass instantaneously issues an immediate invitation to those who stop to plunge their feet... in the verdure. As well as its waves of wild flowers, the vegetative palette also makes a reference to King’s Lynn’s maritime past: in the Middle Ages, plants with medicinal properties were in fact some of the most commonly transported goods, leaving on ships for far off destinations. Here, lavender and rosemary remain in crates, but their fragrance travels, filling the street with a sweet, pastoral fragrance. The garden platform, meanwhile, features one maritime symbol alone: unseen and unknown, it actually hides a large brick planter, emphasising with its wooden structure the lines of the street. 

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