Keep Calm and Pallet on

Marriott's Warehouse, located right in the historic centre of King's Lynn, in the South Quay area, was once a warehouse where goods were once stored. Although today it has been transformed into a restaurant, the terrace designed by the team from Jardiniers Nomades has, during one summer, allowed the place to renew its links with its history as a port. The landscape designers in fact used transportation pallets as a basis for their development: normally used in the handling of a diverse variety of foodstuffs, the wood and dimensions of this industrial accessory are here used to create terrace furniture; tables and chairs, benches and planters. In the image of quayside architecture, the size of the simple and solid seats are a real invitation to the visitor to linger for a while: whether you stop for a longer time and enjoy a welcoming meal, or only for a few moments to enjoy the fleeting beauty of the unspoilt landscape of the estuary, it’s good to imagine the intense activity which took place there, in what was one of the busiest ports in Europe. 

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