Come on!

Despite a maritime history going back to the Middle Ages, the town of King’s Lynn, with its remarkable port architecture, has today lost the close relationship which linked it to the estuary and the river. In the historic pedestrianized centre, the traces of medieval activities have even partially disappeared, through the construction of large shopping centres in the 1980s. Taking its inspiration from the waterway which ran through the town centre in earlier times, the Gama collective has designed the installation Come on! to recreate a link between the vast multi-storey carpark and the adjacent pedestrianized streets. In homage to the past of the place, the landscape designers have used a ribbon of raw folded steel, a real metal river which, placed on the ground, structures the busy street and provokes new uses. A vertical sign evokes the shape of the river during different eras, while the seats invite the passer-by to stop for a few moments’ break amidst the urban hustle and bustle. At the base of the benches, a large space planted with black and white perennials completes the development which, both sober and generous, opens up new perspectives in this neglected corner of South Clough Lane.

Artist Details
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