Symbiosis - Living Together

This installation, named Symbiosis – Living Together, is inspired by a mechanism well known amongst living beings; symbiosis, the intimate and lasting association between several organisms. Aaron Carpenter, Giedre Paliukaityte and Joana Avelar Quintas, three architects and landscape designers from London, have here adopted this idea for the design of floating islands whose artificial flotilla intermingles with the archipelago of the Hortillonnages. The team was particularly inspired by mats of duckweed, microscopic aquatic plants grouped in very dense colonies, often extending over large surface areas: by simplifying shapes, they arrived at platforms composed of twenty four hexagonal cells, modular structures placed on the water and filled with aquatic plants. On each of the modular floors square pots are arranged which contain plants able to survive in ten centimetres of water or so. Carried by a belt of recycled plastic bottles, the structures are more or less submerged, and drift along the water channels, expressing the idea of a community on the scale of the landscape.

Artist Details
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