Nature nurture

Designed by the British visual artist Corinne Felgate, the work Nature Nurture (Amiens) breathes new life into a flotilla of small yellow ducklings: nicknamed Friendly Floatees in Great Britain, these bath toys experienced their hour of glory thanks to the oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer who used them to model marine currents. Released in 1992 in the North Atlantic, this armada of10,000 plastic birds crossed more than 17,000 miles of ocean until the last appearance of one of them in 2007. Corinne Felgate’s work imagines the arrival of a small group of these birds on the banks of the étang de Clermont. Unlike their predecessors, these objects are no longer either industrial or anonymous, as they are handmade in an eco-friendly fashion by Amiens schoolchildren: they are in fact modelled in Jesmonite, a nontoxic acrylic resin commonly used in modern art. This ephemeral monumental installation, visible from the banks using telescopes in the form of trees, explores the relationship between man and object, questioning his impact on the environment with a certain amount of humour. 

Artist Details
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