I wanted to get to the other side

On visiting the Hortillonnages, the landscape designer Sarah Ricketts and the artist Alice Cunningham had only one idea in their heads: that the concept of their coming installation should be inspired by the marshland gardens. Reviewing the different ways of looking at the Hortillonnages landscape, the idea suddenly came to them of a bridge to speak about this very special site where man and nature come together in balance. Bridges, which are a prominent feature of the Hortillonnages, can actually be transformed into a strong narrative: completed, unfinished or submerged, they tell a story, that of man attempting to interact in a harmonious fashion with his environment. Illustrating this quest, four walkways two or three metres high trace a route across the plot entrusted to the team. The typology chosen for each development, from the ruined bridge, to the inaccessible onewhich the visitor glimpses behind the undergrowth without ever being able to approach it, creates, on a small site, a real journey, an invitation to discover and contemplate. By blocking out the views, large flowered plants add an additional, fun component, camouflaging the artworks from the walkers, who discover them as they go. 

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