Île filtrante

The BioHaven floating island is a cross between a natural site and a man-made environment: this device, which you could swear was real earth, consists of a base of recycled plastic, a holder for filtering vegetation. This system was developed in the United States and is frequently used to clean up polluted areas: in imitation of natural marsh zones, the plants which grow there, by taking root on the platform, lead to the establishment of a virtuous ecosystem, which filters out heavy metals and creates a new food chain through the microorganisms it harbours. Here, two experts in aquatic ecology and water quality, Richard Haine and Leela O’Dea, and a landscape designer, Cristina Refolo, have transplanted the system right into the heart of the Hortillonnages. A tunnel made from woven willow branches leads visitors to the islet, providing an immersive experience as soon as they enter the plot: on this artificial land, grasses have grown, filtering out the wind and the sun, as in a real wetland.

Please note, the only disadvantage of this island built from scratch: only three to four people can climb on at the same time, or they will suddenly find themselves dropping down a level.

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