Shifting dimensions

Suspended in the trees by the British visual artist Rosie Morris, these two quadrilaterals attract the curiosity of the walker while blending into their environment. To design this patchwork positioned in the air, the artist, who was seeking a gentle way to interact with the wooded areas on the plot, took inspiration from a journey to Japan, a country in which architecture is very strongly structured by geometry. These fabric squares take up this idea here, that of a form which structures the space. They are installed at two different levels, one rather low, suspended above the visitor, and the other placed right at the top of the canopy. They also are positioned differently, one vertically the other horizontally, which creates a strong contrast with the line of the trees. With their attachments imperceptible to the walker, these impressions on a mesh structure are designed to intervene in a minimalist but striking way in the Hortillonnages landscape: they adopt its scattered arrangement, islands of fabric barely lifted by the wind, an invitation to walk wherever the fancy takes you.

Artist Details
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