Jardins chromatiques

Finding a new vocabulary to name each colour shade present in the landscape of the Hortillonnages, that is the aim of the British artist Stig Evans. Christened Jardins chromatiques, his installation is a real journey through the colour palette of the marsh. In fact this multidisciplinary artist aims to identify the different hues present on the site, and to name them…via the participation of the public: several sculptures installed on the Île aux Fagots present a chart of the colours found in the surrounding vista. They are displayed in the form of an oak post on which the colours are reproduced and numbered. Created out of enamel, a material which is rain and sun resistant, this palette is extremely faithful and accurately transcribes each colour, without fear of the ravages of the weather. Visitors are then invited to name the samples, via a website and a smartphone application: the names given by the visitors can be commented on online, on a dedicated blog, the aim being to finish at the end of the festival by drawing up a participative colour chart. 

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