Le Jardin du deballage

In King’s Lynn, the Wagon Company has renovated the unloading docks in the historic centre of the port, today transformed into a car park. Although the location has a charming setting - a view of the canal, a small bridge and medieval houses - it was so little valued that passers-by completely forgot to stop and enjoy the place. An error which today has been rectified with the garden created by the Wagon landscape designers: in homage to the maritime activities of yesteryear, their development is evocative of quaysides piled up with crates of foodstuffs. Their planks have here been transformed into urban furniture, wooden decking placed on the ground or rustic seats facing the waters of the canal. With its mineral and asphalt surface, the former carpark has been changed into a welcoming, verdant space, with grasses and perennials used in reference to those stowaway plants which also travelled with the goods. In total, there are eight small gardens side by side, featuring exotic and fruit bearing plants, plants used for dyeing and pioneer plants, with just as many themes which you can immerse yourself in, always with a view of the water.

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