The Walks is a historic park located in the centre of King’s Lynn, recently restored in order to accommodate recreational installations and areas. Designed by the Sensomoto studio, this project is based on a dynamic of the re-appropriation of development by users: stretching along the River Gaywood, this new garden, which evokes the link between the town and its estuary, runs alongside a playground and a café. The surprising offering of the landscape designers blends into the surrounding context, but also stands out from it with its unique topography: Sarah Kassler and Sylvain Delboy have in fact sculpted the ground into several earthy mounds which they subsequently allowed to gradually become covered in grass, the whole creating an undulating meadow of grasses and native perennials, creating an experience of immersion, inspired by the islands which form spontaneously in river beds. The curves and the angles of the mounds create a graphic pattern in the park, where you can move around, buried amidst 1200 square meters of nature which is rural, but also otherworldly.

Artist Details
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