Axis Mundi UK

Established on a vast lawn in The Walks park, this creation by the artist Nicolas Fenouillat consists of a line of five posts more than four metres high: planted in the ground, more than two metres apart, they form a straight line which crosses the area, “in sympathy” with the location. Here the artist is adopting a concept dear to the philosopher Michel Foucault, sympathy; “which stimulates the movement of things in the world and brings the most distant close together, it attracts what is heavy to the heaviness of the ground, and what is light towards the weightless ether; it pushes roots towards water, and makes the large yellow sunflower turn with the arc of the sun”. So the larch columns erected by Nicolas Fenouillat become the Axis Mundi UK, an axis which supports the celestial vault and creates a link with the earth. At their tip, a drumstick has been sculpted out of the tree trunk itself, a pointed extension of the wood left untreated. At a particular moment of the day, the sun in line with the row, touches the end of these antennae. The Walks, the centre of the world and a connection point between heaven and earth? 

Artist Details
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