Kodiak Island Mini Golf

Created by the artist Ben Stewart, “Kodiak Island Mini Golf” is a miniature golf course, a kitsch feature with artificial lawns and piled up ramps, where even more fanciful obstacles are encountered: here, the ball trajectory collides with the grimacing head of a cartoon witch, while further off it's the cubic head of a smiling, pixelised businessman that it finds in its path... It could be a palm tree with its entire trunk planted in the middle of the track, if it weren’t for two other balls transformed into eyes, staring fixedly at you...  An irony of fate, his journey ends badly - in a television set from which the screen has been removed. That’s the subject of “Kodiak Island Mini Golf” – what happens when you make a breach with the regulations which govern a sport…or more broadly speaking, money, society?  This mini-golf course is an unusual work which questions the way in which rules shape our environment, in which they affect us and in which we can change them. On its false green, an evocation of a modern world subject to the dictates of leisure and finance, reality and game mingle, for the better and for the worst.

Artist Details
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