In praise of slow

This eulogy to slowness is a journey by the water, an amazing route in wood, made from solid wooden blocks, whose arrangement invites the visitor to stop and meditate. Designed by the NineteenEightyOne collective, its incurving shape, in the form of a tunnel of tightly packed interwoven blocks at changing angles, begins first by obscuring the view of the visitor arriving on the plot.  The ambience is intimate and subdued, the grooves between the blocks allow rays of light to filter through and the smell of wood permeates the route. Then the structure changes, the walls close in and the floor becomes more even, minute changes which sharpen the senses of the walker, make them slow down and then stop. Finally the structure becomes smooth and reveals a seat above the water, where you can sit alone or in twos. On the return journey, the experience is reversed: the route widens, revealing whole sections of landscape, bringing the visitor back to the landing stage at the beginning of the journey. With time, wild flora and fauna will gradually set up home in the structure, infiltrating the grooves and altering the wood, which will then darken and slowly blend into its natural surroundings.

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