A Place to Rest

At the tip of the île aux Fagots, a flowery meadow stretches out, wild and colourful.  A refuge for bees, butterflies, but also for the walker: christened simply A place to rest – the name of this garden created by the British landscape designer Tamara Bridge says it all. The area is a subtle mix of the French and English garden, and has only one aim: to create a warm and welcoming environment where it’s good to sit or walk.  It is inspired by the architecture and half-timbered houses of Amiens while its plantings in strips also reflect the market gardening techniques used in the Hortillonnages. As a focal point, a screen of willows surrounds the planted beds and attracts the gaze. Solar panels hidden in the trees disperse a soft light so summer evenings can be enjoyed without wasting energy. So this is a sustainable garden, as this vibrant carpet needs very little maintenance, from the beginning of spring to the last heats of summer…

Artist Details BRIDGE-Layout Plan.pdf
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