A rewarding journey

A rewarding journey


Considering the small amount of horticultural knowledge our group had, we’ve put together a wonderful garden! We had help and inspiration from a garden designer and artists, which was great, but the final design was very much created by the group. The public’s response has been amazing, giving us excellent feedback and in many cases taking ideas away with them for their own gardens. The Anglia in Bloom judges really liked the garden; they even thought it had been established longer than it actually was, which was a nice compliment. 

What I’ve enjoyed most about the project is the design side and working with garden designer Tamara Bridge. I created a digital 3D model of the garden, which really helped visualise our ideas for me and the rest of the group. I also enjoyed designing, with Lyndall, our project manager’s help, all the print for the garden, including a poster, postcard and launch invites. I think they came out really well.

Throughout the project I’ve gained more in conference, whether speaking to others in the group or the various people who have worked with us. Putting forward my own ideas become easier as the project progressed. I’m slowly getting used to talking to our visitors, even though I still have trouble with the names of plants! Final praise must be given to Lyndall. The Arts Centre picked the right person for the job, to give us the motivation and encouragement to produce a fantastic garden, which I hope others will enjoy. Mark Nudds

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