Time for tranquility and calm...

Time for tranquility and calm...



King’s Lynn Arts Centre Garden- Alcedonia (Tranquility and Calm)

6th July 2013


As  part of the project  Art, Cities and Landscape, King’s Lynn Arts Centre Trust are delivering the Social Inclusion part of the project and have been working with a group of unemployed people with a passion for gardening. They are volunteering over the year with the Borough Public Spaces Team and the King’s Lynn Arts Centre Trust. The Maison de la Culture Amiens has a similar group working over the year, the two groups will be visiting each other to swap ideas and see what each group have achieved.The Arts Centre group have conceived and designed two fabulous gardens, one at the King’s Lynn Arts Centre and then they will be building a show garden at Sandringham Flower Show.  This project has been remarkable in bringing like-minded people together to work as a team within a short space of time; plans to continue to develop this success story are taking shape!

You are invited to come and enjoy the garden, which has been named Alcedonia, which is Latin for Tranquility and calm. The concept has been drawn from ideas from each member of the group and has taken into account, sustainability, and the senses especially the use of different fragrances and the best ways of encouraging nature to come to the site.

We will be encouraging children to plant seeds and take them home.


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