Night Sailors

Night Sailors


Julia Dantonnet uses both natural and artificial light, as a medium of creation through short-lived installations, scenographies or architectural projections. By showing her work exclusively in public spaces, the artist engages for cultural opening and tempts to widen art territories.

“Night Sailors” enlightens one of Kings Lynn's most iconic landmarks, the Custom House. That elegant architecture designed in the 17th century by Henry Bell has become a testimony of the town’s Hanseatic history and trading links with Europe.

The harbour town where was born the famous explorer George Vancouver is also a cradle of deep-sea navigation. Formerly reserved to few initiated explorers, deep sea navigation developed in the Middle Ages with the progress of Astronomy. By observing celestial bodies with measuring instruments - compass, arbalestrille, astrolabe, sextant - sailors were able to go overseas and discover the world.

Composed with archives images, geographical and stellar maps, “Night Sailors” draws a sensitive cartography of Kings Lynn’s memory and invites the public to explore that historical, cultural and scientific heritage.

The first light show will take place at 10pm on 19 July and will be repeated until 11.30pm. The show will run nightly until mid October

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